Why you NEED to teach you dog


Recall is one of the most important skills you can teach your dog. It’s the ability of your dog to come back to you immediately upon command, no matter what is happening around them. Having a solid recall is not only important for your dog's safety, but it also shows that your dog is well-mannered and under control. Here are some tips on how to teach your dog recall:

Start Indoors: Begin the training indoors where there are fewer distractions. Use a leash to have control over your dog.

Choose a Command: Choose a command that will signal your dog to come back to you. It can be as simple as "Come" or "Here". Make sure everyone in your household uses the same command.

Use Positive Reinforcement: Reward your dog every time it comes back to you. Use treats, praise, or toys as rewards. Make sure the reward is given immediately after your dog comes back to you.

Practice, Practice, Practice: Practice is key. Start by practicing in a controlled environment with no distractions. Gradually increase the level of difficulty by adding distractions and increasing the distance between you and your dog.

Don’t Punish: If your dog doesn’t come back to you, don’t punish them. This will only create a negative association with the recall command. Instead, try to understand why your dog didn’t come back and work on improving that.

Use a Long Leash: Use a long leash (about 20-30 feet) to practice recall. This will allow your dog to explore while still being under your control.

Gradually Add Distractions: As your dog gets better at recall, gradually add more distractions. Practice in different environments like the park, around other dogs, etc.

Be Consistent: Consistency is key. Make sure to practice recall every day and reward your dog every time they come back to you.

Don’t Call for Negative Reasons: Don’t use the recall command to call your dog for something they don’t like (e.g., bath time, nail trimming, etc.). This will create a negative association with the recall command.

Be Patient: Teaching recall can take time. Be patient and don’t get frustrated if your dog doesn’t get it right away.

Remember, practice and consistency are key to teaching your dog recall. Make sure to reward your dog every time they come back to you and practice in different environments to ensure your dog’s recall is solid in any situation.

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