Indoor Activities for Pets

During a Heat Wave

As temperatures soar outside, it becomes vital to protect our pets from the scorching heat. But this doesn't mean their fun should be limited! Here are some stimulating indoor activities for pets to keep them entertained, active, and cool during a heat wave:


Interactive Toys: These toys can keep your pet occupied for hours. They're designed to challenge your pet's mind and often dispense treats as rewards. For dogs, consider puzzle toys or treat-dispensing balls. For cats, toys with hidden compartments or feathered teasers can be intriguing.

Hide and Seek: A classic game that's not just for humans! Dogs and cats both enjoy this game. Hide behind furniture or doors and call out to your pet. They'll love searching for you and getting praised or treated when they do.

DIY Agility Course: Using household items like broomsticks, cushions, and empty boxes, create a mini agility course in your living room. Direct your dog or cat through the "course" with treats and watch them have a blast!

Bubble Play: Many pets, especially cats, find bubbles fascinating. Purchase pet-safe bubbles and let your feline or canine friend chase them around. Not only is this visually stimulating, but it also encourages some light exercise.

Treat Search: Hide treats around the house and let your pet hunt for them. This engages their sense of smell and their cognitive abilities. For dogs, you can also make use of snuffle mats where they have to dig around to find their treat.

Learning New Tricks: Just because you're indoors doesn't mean training has to stop. Use this time to teach your dog new commands or tricks. Cats can also be trained, believe it or not! Simple tricks like "come", "sit", or even fetching toys can be taught to our feline friends.

Frozen Treats: Cool your pet down with some frozen goodies. For dogs, try freezing their favorite treats, peanut butter, or even make a dog-friendly popsicle using chicken broth. For cats, frozen tuna water cubes can be a delightful treat.

Remember, during heatwaves, it's essential to ensure that your home remains cool for your pets. Make use of fans or air conditioning, provide plenty of water, and always keep an eye on them for any signs of heat stress. By keeping them entertained indoors, you're not just ensuring their safety but also strengthening the bond you share with your furry friend.






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