How to make the most of the Dog Day's of Summer

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With the arrival of summer, it's the perfect time to get outdoors and soak up the sun with your best pal!

From exciting adventures to relaxing moments, there are plenty of activities you can enjoy together. Keep reading to get inspiration of the dates you can take your pup along to, because heck, they love summer too!

  1. Beach Day Bliss:

What better way to beat the summer heat than a trip to the beach? Take your dog to a dog-friendly beach where they can splash in the waves, dig in the sand, and play in the sun. Remember to bring plenty of fresh water, shade, and dog-friendly sunscreen to protect their sensitive skin!

  1. Hiking Adventures:

Get out and enjoy that fresh air by going on a hiking adventure with your dog! A quick google search will provide you with options of dog-friendly trails in your area that you two can enjoy together! Whether it's a leisurely stroll through a forest or a challenging climb to a breathtaking summit, this will be an acttivity you and your pup love!

Don't forget to pack essentials like water, snacks, a leash, and waste bags to ensure a safe and responsible outing.

  1. Splash-tastic Water Fun:

If your dog enjoys water, consider setting up a backyard kiddie pool or sprinkler for some splash-tastic fun! Many dogs adore playing in water, and it's a great way to keep them cool on those wickedly hot summer days. Encourage them to chase water streams, play with floating toys, or simply bask in the refreshing spray. It's a delightful and effortless activity that will surely bring a smile to both your faces.

  1. Dog-Friendly Cafés and Restaurants:

Take advantage of outdoor seating at dog-friendly cafés and restaurants in your area. Many establishments now offer pet-friendly options, allowing you to enjoy a meal or a refreshing beverage with your dog by your side. I mean can it get better than that? 

  1. Agility and Training Sessions:

Engage your dog's mind and body by participating in agility or training sessions. Look for local training centers or parks that offer agility courses where your dog can navigate tunnels, weave through poles, and jump over obstacles. These activities provide mental stimulation and help improve obedience and coordination. It's not only a great way to keep your dog physically active but also strengthens the bond between you and your furry friend!


We hope you're now feeling inspired to create some core memories with your soul pet! 


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